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Intuitive Time and Attendance Solutions To Boost Security and Productivity

Manual attendance recording costs time and money. Additional hidden costs such as buddy punching, fraudulent timekeeping, and human errors have a direct impact on your business’s productivity. 


The solution? A completely automated time-attendance management system is essential for increasing efficiency within any company.

Maintain Security with Biometric Attendance Systems


Our biometric fingerprint scanners and facial recognition systems are an affordable way of maintaining security and recording time and access to important areas in the workplace. 


Systems Africa’s time and attendance solutions offer the following benefits:


 Our systems can easily be deployed across the country at multiple branches

150 reports are available, catering for every need

Sage VIP payroll integration

Cost-effective pay-as-you-go licensing model

Push technology drastically reduces data costs

Mobile data and WiFi ready

Clock in Via Smartphone When Working Remotely

Your team does everything on their mobile device. Why not clock in as well?

Employees working in the field and at home can now clock in and out via their smartphones. They can have their times and locations recorded on the company's HR database together with your in-house employees.


Our cloud-based system eliminates the need for IT support and we don’t require any expensive server hardware installations.

With our affordable time and attendance solutions you can easily:

Control absence management

Manage flexitime

Accurately track time worked 

Track GPS location

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Whether you’re looking for a CCTV installer, hospitality security system, time and attendance system, access control, or facial recognition system, we’ve got you covered. 

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