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Facial Recognition for Real-Time Security Risk Assessment

Biometric identification evaluates a person's physical or behavioural traits in order to identify them. Biometrics have replaced older attendance because they offer higher security and are more efficient.


Our biometric face recognition systems are powered by advanced software and consist of special sensors and infrared cameras for effective, smart, and secure access control in buildings that demand higher security to prevent theft, bigotry, or unauthorised access.

Facial Recognition is the perfect solution for your time and attendance needs


Prevent queues at the clock-in point and purchase our facial recognition terminals.


Key features of the system include:

Multiple Credentials

Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning

Live Face Detection

Adaptive Face Enrolment

Aesthetic Look and Design

Advanced Connectivity

Higher User Template and Event Storage Capacity

Encrypted Communication

Instant Door Controller with Face Recognition

Our facial recognition terminals unify aesthetics, hygienic standards, and technology, and satisfy all corporate requirements. It functions as an access control device as well as a surveillance-grade camera thanks to its top-notch processors, deep learning algorithm, and best-in-class hardware, which includes two built-in cameras

This device remains technologically advanced and future-proof because of the integration of numerous credentials like Face, PIN, BLE, and Cards. This device is equipped with cutting-edge connectivity choices like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, PoE, and GSM/VoLTE to meet all of your needs.

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Whether you’re looking for a CCTV installer, hospitality security system, time and attendance system, access control, or facial recognition system, we’ve got you covered. 

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