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Premium Hotel Access Control with Cutting-Edge Technology

An enormous amount of effort goes into providing guests with the most luxurious and seamless experiences. Hospitality security systems are a part of that experience. At Systems Africa, we provide the most cutting-edge hardware and technologies. 


Our hotel access control solutions assist you in delivering technology while exemplifying the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

Luxury Hospitality Access Control at a Reasonable Price


With decades of industry experience behind us, we fully comprehend the particular requirements and difficulties faced by the hospitality sector. Our specially designed access control solutions for high-end boutique and luxury hotels give superior experiences to all  guests. 


We use SALTO locks, which fuse cutting-edge technology with designer looks. We understand the need to keep costs down whilst still providing a luxury feel. Which is why our locks of choice can use the existing mortise making the conversion to guest room access control affordable.

Flexibility, Technology & Aesthetics Are the Foundations of Hotel Access Control

The hospitality industry is transitioning to a new, digital era of security, accessibility, and convenience. To make sure our clients stay ahead of the curve, we’re helping them introduce mobile keys and electronic smart locks for guests, staff, and visitors


With our premium range of handles and locks and industry-leading technology, we make sure that your hospitality security system perfectly complements the design and aesthetic of your hotel. 


Our goal is simple: maximise on security without sacrificing the look and feel of your hotel.

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