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The Ultimate Access Control Solution For Any Modern Organisation

Protect your company from disgruntled employees and/or customers, criminals, or any other potentially unwanted visitors. The professionally licensed team at Systems Africa can help you mitigate these risks through the installation of one of our vetted, technologically advanced, and easy-to-use commercial access control solutions.


Access control, at its most basic, is a method of regulating who enters a space and when. The person entering could be a worker, a contractor, or a guest. They might be entering a site, a building, a room, or attempting to access a cabinet. Although increasing security is one of its main functions, a physical access control system can also provide numerous additional advantages including improved site management and business process efficiency.

Fingerprint, Card, and Bluetooth Access Control Systems


By using an electronic access control system, you can avoid the downsides of using mechanical keys while also gaining much more control.


Our access control systems are flexible, in the cloud and easy to use. They will help you manage:


Who has access

Which doors they have access to

What times they can gain access

Under which conditions they’re allowed access

We are Salto, Matrix and Gallagher certified. We also install Impro, ZkTeco, Virdi and Paradox access control systems

We give you the ability to identify every person that enters your location while also helping you to analyse and implement better access management. By controlling entry to an entire section or specific zones within your business, you dictate when and where people can enter your premises.


Our systems do not require any power at the door and only require one PoE data cable which cuts down on installation time and cost. We also have offline systems where no cabling is required at all as the access data is carried on the user's card.

The benefits of our state-of-the-art Matrix COSEC access control systems include:

Enhanced flexibility

Seamless working with single source

No need for multiple panels

Reliability and scalability

Higher operational abilities

Simplified installation

Integration with fire alarm and other devices

Secures sensitive areas with advanced access control features


Controlling access to your facility is a powerful security tool for businesses of all sizes. Protect your company from disgruntled employees and customers, criminals, or any other unwanted visitors.

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