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Protect Your Perimeter With Zoned Electric Fencing

An electric fence is unquestionably the wiser, safer choice when compared to a traditional fence. 

If installed properly, electric fencing is an excellent perimeter deterrent. It acts as a perimeter alarm system and a physical barrier to keep intruders from entering the property.


But an electric fence is only as strong as its weakest link. 


We have solid relationships with many major brands, so we stock the full range of parts for new installations as well as repairs.

Electric Fence Solutions Keep You Secure


Electric fencing is considered as the first line of defence in a typical security setup. It creates a physical barrier that triggers an alarm and delivers a 10,000-volt shock when touched. as well as a perimeter alarm system. The electric fence registers an alarm by monitoring the return voltage to the energiser. Should the fence voltage drop below a pre-set value, either from the wires being cut or blankets thrown over the fence, the energiser will trigger an alarm.


Our electric fence solutions include an interactive visual monitoring system that is overlaid on a Google Earth map of the property. When there is an activation the overlaid perimeter line changes colour and an alarm is triggered. This enables guards to react to an activation quickly.


PTZ CCTV cameras can be triggered by an interactive zoned fence to zoom in to the zone where the activation has occurred showing the guards what has caused the alarm to trigger.

Businesses Need an Electric Fence in South Africa

Our electric perimeter security fences are strong deterrents that adhere to stringent safety standards. Without endangering anyone's safety, the fence will provide a mild shock that will render it hard for an intruder to climb. Depending on the level of security necessary, voltage intensity can be changed on electric fences that are zoned. 


When you have an electric fence, the likelihood of having expensive equipment, sensitive information, or high-value assets stolen decreases exponentially.

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