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Contact us today and we’ll get back to you to discuss your security requirements.

We work closely with our customers, developing tailor-made security solutions that are an ideal fit for their budget and requirements.


Contact us today and we’ll get back to you to discuss your  security requirements.


Whether you’re looking for a CCTV installer, hospitality security system, time and attendance system, access control, or facial recognition system, we’ve got you covered. 

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Serious Man

“Systems Africa have been involved with our company for many years, and recently completed an HD Turbo camera installation at our head office (32 cameras).

They are also currently finishing off an IP camera installation  at our Fountain Chemicals plant, situated in Olifantsfontein  (20 Vari-focal Network Dome cameras), as well as upgrading our old analogue CCTV system to HD Turbo.

The installations were completed on time, and I have been very impressed with the quality, and neatness of their work. Staff are knowledgeable and very helpful and accommodating.

I can highly recommend Systems Africa, based on the work they have done at our company.”

André Du Plessis

James Rogers_edited.jpg

“As a school, we have used Systems Africa as our primary major infrastructure installer, in relation to our fibre optic backbone and CCTV camera installations.

The in-house team that Systems Africa uses are brilliant and exhibit a high level of initiative and autonomy. 

Their workmanship is outstanding and even if issues do arise post installation, they are swiftly resolved.

In one example, the team were briefed on a fairly major job, involving the installation of a fibre optic link to an outlying building. It involved multiple tasks within the project,  requiring various parties. Given that the Systems Africa are so highly skilled, I myself was able to leave campus for a full week and come back to the project being 100% complete, without any issues.

Another example entailed running new cabling for additional access points in various locations around campus. There were roughly twelve to fourteen connections required.
Dean Fraser sent through a team that had the majority of the points installed in less than a day and then final clean up the day after.

All in all, Systems Africa is one of our top suppliers.

Of all the infrastructure work done on-site, the work undertaken by Systems Africa has been of the highest quality and I would highly recommend them to any institution wishing to engage with them.”

James Rogers
IT Technical Administrator - St DAVID'S MARIST INANDA

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