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Wire-Free Electronic Locks Give Your Business a Security Boost

We install electronic smart door locksets that offer a completely wire-free, networked locking solution with a wide variety of capabilities. They are clever, secure, innovative, and simple to install. 


With a variety of secure passwords and mobile technologies, electronic locks allow customers to unlock doors without having to fumble with keys. They are made to fit on the majority of standard doors and are compatible with most ANSI, European, and Scandinavian mortise locks as well as tubular latches. 


These locks are the best option for any door where access control is required, including co-working spaces, hospitals, universities, and corporate businesses.

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Digital Locks Make Your Premises More Secure

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Wire-free electronic locks that replace existing door locks can be installed in 15 minutes and have taken access control to a totally new level.


Here’s why you should make the switch:


Copies of keys cannot be made. 

One key (or one finger!) has all the access privileges necessary to open all the doors.

Thanks to digital encryption, the security code can’t be seen by prying eyes.

Access rights can be quickly and easily changed when needed.

Access rights can be changed remotely.

Digital locks are more secure than mechanical locks.

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Systems Africa is a Certified SALTO Partner

Until SALTO, access control was a labour intensive process – protruding mag locks in door frames had to be installed and a power source was required at each door. With SALTO this is a thing of the past. SALTO electronic locks are wire-free and can be installed in minutes. 


Smart access to every door is made possible by a wide variety of models and features, which are fully compatible with SALTO’s revolutionary electronic hardware locking platform and can meet the needs of any building.

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