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Why Fake Security is Worse Than No Security

In South Africa, particularly, a security conscious mindset is part and parcel of our daily lives. We’re always keeping one eye open, we’re always dodging shadows, and we do our best not to go out alone. Darkness is not our friend. Though it’s a sad thing to admit; we live in a constant state of fear. Security is a big part of our personal and professional existence. Every office space, warehouse, or retail outlet is festooned with security cameras, guards, and access control systems.

Strange as it may seem, smaller businesses have started installing fake security systems to try and gain a sense of security on a tight budget. Many business owners are trying to reap the rewards of a security system without having to pay the associated costs. It’s totally understandable - we all want to try and reduce our bills. But the unfortunate fact of the matter is that, in terms of security, shortcuts just don’t work.

Fake Security Can Be Harmful To Your Business

How would you feel if you walked out of the office door at the end of the day, only to find your car stolen. Ideally, you’d want to check nearby security cameras for useful footage. After all, there’s no way to stay completely out of sight when stealing something as large as a car. If those cameras of yours are fake, you have no way to discover any clues. Your car will be gone without a trace. And that’ll be that.

This is just one example. It won’t take you very long to think of a few more. After all, you live in a country where burglaries are just a part of life. But it doesn’t have to be. It shouldn’t be.

Experienced criminals can spot a fake camera a mile away. In fact, these non-connected surveillance systems are so prevalent that burglars are actively on the lookout for them. If they spot a decoy camera, your business becomes an instant target. After all, logic dictates that you must be protecting some valuable assets if you go through the effort of trying to dupe the local criminals.

In the event that something is stolen from your business’ premises, your insurance company might not cover the costs if you don’t have an adequate security system in place. The same counts for unexpected damage or vandalism. If you can’t prove that it’s not your fault, it must be your fault, right? At least that’s the stance your insurer might take.

Improve Your Business Security Measures Without Breaking the Bank

You may think that all security systems are insanely expensive. That simply isn’t true. When working with a company like Systems Africa, you can tailor-make a security system that suits your particular needs and budget.

We know that you need to feel secure. We also know that there’s no sense in breaking the bank to do it. We don’t just try to sell you on the latest and greatest products to make a quick buck. We’ll walk you through the appropriate security products in the most suitable price range - that’s just what we do. You and your business deserve a decent level of protection; that’s a fact.

You Can’t Afford to Do Nothing At All

No matter how you look at it, security is important. In the volatile world we live in, nothing should be left to chance. Don’t try to skimp on costs at the expense of your business’ safety. Consider that it’s as much about your employees as it is about your stock and possessions.

Faking a security system will never benefit your company. It might lead to more problems than you thought. Ignoring your security needs isn’t ideal either. There are many options available to you. Start planning your next steps by reaching out to us - we’ll give you the advice you need.

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