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Reasons For A Business Security Update

Most people don’t question their security systems until something goes wrong, and many businesses are sceptical about upgrading their systems because upgrades can’t be justified in purely financial terms. Of course, technology advances so quickly that most people think nothing of updating their phones, computers, and gaming systems every year because they know the new models will offer many improvements and added features. Often, in fact, it doesn’t take long for certain technologies to become outmoded, necessitating an upgrade.

It should be of no surprise that business security systems can also become outdated, with new technologies and features being added every year.

To keep your business, staff and visitors safe, your business security systems need periodic upgrades.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Security System

Older technology is easier for criminals to crack. Older technology gives a real advantage to criminals, as the older the technology, the more time they’ve have had to study it and figure out which weaknesses they can exploit. Criminals also have access to newer technology, meaning their methods for bypassing security measures are becoming more advanced.

Older systems make use of landlines to communicate. The use of landlines limit the technology that can be integrated into the system, such as smart technologies or wireless camera. Landlines are more vulnerable, as it is easy for the lines to be cut or disabled by criminals.

Newer technologies support higher resolution cameras. Higher resolution cameras allow for easier identification of criminals should an incident occur.

Newer systems provide smartphone accessibility. Giving you peace of mind on the go, newer technologies allow you to access your alarms, video surveillance and access control systems on the go, meaning you can check on your systems on the go.

Upgrading gives you access to the latest features. Older systems may have been advanced in their time, but upgrading to new system gives you access to a multitude of new features and benefits.

Signs It’s Time for Security Upgrade

Your Cameras Provide Blurry Resolution

Outdated analog cameras which still shoot in 720p resolution provide blurry, almost unusable video. Updating your business security system means reaping the benefits of high quality cameras, including clear and detailed video. Higher resolution allows you to more easily identify criminals in case of incidents, as well as monitor staff workflow and productivity.

Your Video Surveillance Doesn’t Provide Remote Viewing

Remote viewing has become a popular and standard feature in many business surveillance systems, and long gone are the days when you needed to be on the premises to check the feedback from your cameras. Remote viewing allows you to see your video surveillance feeds from your smartphone or web browser, meaning you can check on your business on the go.

There Are More Access Tokens than Employees

In an assessment of one organization’s access control, it was revealed that there were 600 active access tokens but only 150 employees. Newer security systems allow you to simply remove access from specific tokens, meaning staff don’t need to return their tokens when they leave, and should a token get stolen, it can be easily deactivated.

You’re Facing More Security Risks

One of the clearest reasons to upgrade your security system is when you’re facing more security risks or you’ve experienced a break-in. Whether because employees didn’t return their keys, or your cameras have a blind spot, upgrading your security system can help to mitigate security risks.

Your System Hasn’t Been Upgraded in a While

Technology advances extremely quickly, and a system that was state of the art when it was installed may become outdated. For instance, the 125-kilohertz systems used by proximity-based access control systems that were popular a few years ago are now considered outdated and are easily manipulated by criminals.

Video Surveillance and Access Control Installation

Video surveillance and access control are two of the cornerstones of business security. Besides the obvious effect of preventing burglaries and break-ins, video surveillance can also improve day-to-day operations and improve productivity and profit, while access control can simplify employee turnover and ensure peace of mind. Video surveillance and access control installation allow you to protect, monitor and secure both your employees and your company.

Business Security System Installation

Business security system installation should be personalized in a way that will be of the most benefit to your business, taking into account your requirements and budget. All Campus Security offers customizable business security system installation and integrated solutions, taking your business’ requirements and budget into account.

Qualified security professionals will also ensure that access control installation occurs with as little disruption as possible to your staff and visitors.

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