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CCTV Camera Systems - Should You Hide Them?

Each year, over 260,000 burglaries occur in South Africa alone. Crime rates rise and fall all the time. The only constant is that criminals will always exist. The best insurance policy is a strong defense. Ensuring that you're prepared to protect your assets is half the battle.

It's no surprise that CCTV camera systems are becoming more popular. Opinions differ on the best way to install these systems. Some people think hidden cameras are more effective, while others opt for a more transparent approach. There are benefits to both types of system.

Deciding which to go for can be hard. Think about the space you need to cover, which types of crime are common in your area, and your budget. The best system for your use-case will be an ideal balance of the three - allowing you to protect your business affordably.

Visible Camera Systems

Old computers, smart phones, and CCTV systems were large in size. That's the main reason that visible systems were the most popular option in the past. They're also often cheaper than the more discrete options.

Aside from the price difference, there are lots of benefits to visible CCTV systems:

  • Promoting Honesty: Even the most honorable people have moments of desperation. Visible CCTV systems with accompanying warning signs act as a visual deterrent. The mere sight of one can remind people of the risk they are about to take.

  • Legal Clarity: Lawsuits happen all the time in the business world. People have used the "slip and fall" approach to try extort money from businesses. Visible cameras can avoid these types of situations before they happen.

  • Employee Morale: Seeing cameras covering their workplace reminds your employees that they're safe. People work better when they're at ease and feel secure.

Hidden & WiFi CCTV Systems

Smaller technologies have allowed the development of hidden CCTV systems. Circuit boards, wireless chips, and other components are far smaller than they used to be. The smaller size of tech means more flexibility.

The rise of WiFi technology has also taken the industry to the next level. Now, footage can be accessed by a variety of devices at any time. This makes monitoring and sharing easier than it's ever been.

They have their own unique benefits that make them appeal to a wide range of businesses:

  • Cheap Installation: WiFi CCTV cameras don't need wires, or expensive installation technicians. They use your WiFi network to send footage to your hard drive. Smaller cameras are often easier to install, and need fewer mountings.

  • Boosted Security: Visible cameras are avoidable. If you can see them, you have a better chance of dodging them. Hidden cameras can often catch more action than visible ones.

  • Broader Use Cases: WiFi systems allow footage access from a range of devices. They're easy to monitor from anywhere and easy to maintain.

The Best of Both Worlds

While these two systems are very different, they weren't developed in isolation. They share many of their core technologies and features. They also have their own benefits. As a result, they're even more powerful when used together.

You can have the visible system to dissuade and prevent crime, while using the hidden system as a back up. Visible WiFi camera systems are available too, saving money on installation and maintenance.

Using these two systems together is a seamless, powerful solution to prevent exploitation. Protecting your business and your employees has never been easier or more affordable. It all depends on what you need most, and what works best in your space.

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