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Better Access Control & How To Get It

Access control is a branch of both online and physical security. It's all about limiting access to resources. It's an important tactic to prevent theft and other crimes. Protecting your physical and human assets is non-negotiable in business.

In IT and Online Security, it's often used to restrict low-level employees from seeing important data. It also prevents external people from accessing sensitive information. Ex-employees, competitors, and other threats are real and should be taken seriously.

The addition of cameras and facial recognition technology has improved access control to a great extent. The need for physical monitoring is decreased, while increasing effectiveness. Every year, access control technology improves. Make sure you're ahead of the curve.

Access control systems are only as good as the training and input you give them. Computing is a long way off of autonomous function, so for now, they need our instruction. Even the most advanced AI and computer learning-based systems need our help. Here's how you can keep your system optimized.

Update Everything

Keeping your system updated is an important part of the process. Leading manufacturers release regular updates to their products. This boosts longevity and keeps your system bug free. Bugs are a threat to your security that can be wholly avoided with the necessary diligence.

Remember to also update your servers and supporting components. The entire system is only as strong as the weakest link. Updates are easy to perform and don't demand a huge cash spend. Usually, they can be done remotely. Keep checking that your entire system is communicating with each of its key components, and scan regularly for malware.

Your physical components also need to be updated. This helps you ensure that the whole ecosystem is seamless and efficient. Even the most expensive components become weaker over time if they're not kept up-to-date.

Test Everything

Test your system as often as you check for updates. Make sure that each part of the system is working optimally, and fix any issues or bugs that occur. Often, this can be done by your in-house tech team or your most tech-savvy employee.

Minor issues can be fixed fast and bigger threats can be stopped before they become a problem. Making sure your system runs optimally keeps you safe from online and physical exploits. Both types of attack are possible, and require different defenses.

Physical Security

Access control systems can protect you and your assets from bitter ex-employees. In fact, any malicious attempt on your business can be identified early and stopped. Keeping key data private helps protect your company.

Strict HR measures to handle outgoing employees are important. Debriefing and access control measures are vital to security. The safety of your staff and your assets depends on the strength of your system. Never allow a disgruntled worker to compromise the integrity of your business data.


Your security needs will depend on a number of factors including the size and nature of your business. Whatever you do, it's advisable to err on the side of caution. Rather prevent future exploit attempts by setting up robust measures from the start.

Small businesses that work with non-sensitive information won't require the most advanced systems. Larger businesses, or those who rely on a high degree of privacy will need the best access control available.

Knowing your risk factors is an important part of scaling your system to suit your business. You may share some points with other businesses, and some may be unique. The important thing is to ensure that your needs are met, and that the most likely extreme risks are covered too.

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