Danalock Smart Lock for Apartments and Airbnb

Are you renting apartments? Are you renting a room? On Airbnb? Or Booking.com?

We have the perfect solution for you!

The Danalock V3 smart lock that will enable your guests to unlock the door with their smartphones.

You – the host – will simply create a digital key and grant access to your guest.

This can be done easily and quickly. From your smartphone to your guest’s smartphone.

After the guest leaves your apartment, his stay is over and his/her digital key will simply stop working. The lock combines the advantages of a classic lock with a key and the comfort of mobile unlocking. 


A simple and intuitive application is available for smartphones with Android and iOS (Apple) operating system.


Which problem does the smart lock solve for renting apartments? 

Coordination for handing over the key upon arrival and at departure

Without the smart lock:

Where to meet and at what time does the guest arrive? The guest’s arrival and the hand-over of the key has to be coordinated with every guest. Sometimes you have to wait for the guest which makes the hand-over of the keys a time-consuming process.

With the smart lock:

With the smart lock this is a thing of the past. You can enable access or create a digital key with your Danalock application on your smartphone and send it to your guest’s smartphone.

If you are renting on Airbnb, this process can be completely automated. The digital key will automatically be sent to your guest after confirming his/her booking and will be valid only for the time of his/her stay in your apartment.:


Lost key? Simply create a new one in the app

Without the smart lock:

You have to get a new key made. This includes additional costs and time-consuming work, which cannot be avoided and cannot always be charged to the guest. Sometimes the entire lock has to be changed as this is the only way to be sure that undesirable people will not enter the apartment.

With the smart lock:

If the guest looses his smartphone with the digital key for your apartment, you can simply delete this digital key in your mobile app. Within seconds, you can grant the guest a new digital key to the apartment. Changing the lock and having a new key made is therefore unnecessary, just like all your worries and concerns related to it.

Arrival and departure 24/7

Without the smart lock:

The reception had to remain open until late or the staff had to wait for the guest until his/her arrival or leave the key under the doormat.

With the smart lock:

The late arrival of the guest is no longer a problem, since he/she can enter the apartment at any time – at 4 a.m. or 4 p.m. – without your presence. Therefore a 24-hour reception is no longer necessary. Your staff also doesn’t have to wait for your guest to show up on the doorstep.

Let the cleaning staff enter with their smartphone!

Did you change your cleaning staff lately?

The digital key can be deleted over your smartphone. You no longer have to worry that someone  has access via a duplicate key

Do you wish to remotely unlock the door for the maintainer once and then

disable his access?

You can do so by granting him temporary access, valid only for a specific amount of time that stops functioning afterwards. With only a few clicks in your smartphone app, the digital key can be forwarded in a few seconds.

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