CCTV Systems For Your Business

Full-colour, active deterrence.
Secure surveillance for your business, 24/7.

Stop theft, prevent vandalism, and avoid becoming easy prey by installing CCTV cameras.

Don't let the criminals win.

With over 34 years of system design experience, Systems Africa provides more than just CCTV installation. Offering backup, support and advice, we ensure your peace of mind with tested and proven products, installed to industry standards.

Burglars and vandals are opportunistic. They target businesses and that are most vulnerable. Realising that their actions are being recorded will send potential criminals looking for easier prey.

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Discourage Shoplifters, Burglars & Other Criminals

With customised solutions designed to suit your budget and needs, we can help you to identify the best cameras, NVRs and software for your requirements

Available brands include:


  • Hikvision

  • Bosch 

  • Axis 

  • Milestone 

  • Nuuo

  • Avigilon 

  • Dahua 

  • IP CCTV 

  • HDCVI 

  • HD Turbo

 Enhance Employee Safety & Ensure Peace of Mind

CCTV systems are an excellent method for monitoring staff safely, ensuring that all safety procedures are being followed and collecting video evidence in case of an accident.

Providing visibility of your entire business premises, a CCTV system is an extra pair of eyes, keeping your staff and your assets safe.


  • Deter theft and vandalism

  • Monitor staff safely

  • Provide video evidence in case of theft or accidents

  • Reduce insurance premiums

Protect Your Business with Video Surveillance

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Contact us today and we’ll get back to you to discuss your CCTV requirements.

We work closely with our customers, developing tailor-made surveillance solutions that are an ideal fit for their budget and needs.

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